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Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box

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A great activity for the kids on Christmas eve. 

The Christmas eve box includes - 

   - One santa cam  ornament - perfect for having the kids know that santa is watching. 

- A special letter for Santa - We customize your letter to address your little one. 

- A nice list Certificate that includes your little ones name.

   - prepackaged Reindeer food - Within each box you will receive one pre-packaged Tube full of reindeer food. Food is safe for animals to eat. 

- A special key for Santa- whether you live in an apartment or a house with no chimney,  show your little one that no matter what Santa has access to drop off their gifts.

-Santa's lost button - a fun game to play where you hide Santa's button, and the child gets to find it and once they do they will have a bit of Santa's magic all year round.

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