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Halloween Orange Cats Badge Buddy

Halloween Orange Cats Badge Buddy

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Badge reel options

Craft a unique look for your ID badge with fall pumpkin Badge Buddy. This specialized accessory provides a secure, stylish solution for all of your badge-related needs.


We offer 2  different styles and each style is in 2 different sizes. 

Horizontal Regular (3.1"x3.4")

Horizontal Extended (4.2”x3.4”) 


Vertical Regular (4.5”x2.25”)

Vertical Extended (5.5”x2.25”)


Please make sure to measure any and all IDs/Cards that will be placed on top of your badge buddy to make sure that you sare purchasing a the correct version of badge buddy. 


We also have the option of badge reel + Badge buddy. 

we can put name or title on either the badge buddy or badge reel. 

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